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My name is Mckenna Zibaie, Owner of Vessel & Vine

Vessel & Vine offers a wide array of services from fully outfitting your home or business with plants to plant care, up-cycled plant vessels, cute gifts, and even hand-picked kitschy must-haves. Want to elevate your gift-giving? Have a business that needs a plant pick-me-up?  Let's chat!

Female Business Owner
Female Business Owner
It's more than just a plant, it's a form of self-care..

Owning and caring for plants can have several physical and mental health benefits. Plants can purify the air, reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, increase productivity, promote better sleep, and provide a connection to nature. Interacting with plants can be meditative and relaxing, reducing cortisol levels associated with stress.


Additionally, the act of nurturing and watching plants grow can be rewarding and provide a sense of accomplishment, improving well-being. Overall, owning and caring for plants can provide a range of benefits, making them a great addition to any space

Now take all of this and apply it to your home and workplaces...Sounds nice right?


Let's Get Started!

It's super simple.

1. Choose your service.

2. Choose your preferred date and time for our consultation.

3. You'll receive a prompt confirmation fro me

and be on your way to a greener, happier life! 

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